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We own, and manage, via Totalstay, a wide portfolio of properties. The majority of the assets are located on the Atlantic Seaboard area in Cape Town.

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A leading aparthotel on the Atlantic Seaboard.
Owned by 12Cape investors.
Operated by Totalstay. 

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This prime property was recently acquired and is majority owned by 12Cape Investors. Management recently taken over by Totalstay. Watch this space! 

Managed by TotalStay

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Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-09.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-11.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-07.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-12.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-14.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-08.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-10.png

Managed by TotalStay

SN374 PRIME Brand Development REV3-13.png

Managed by TotalStay

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A Specialist Aparthotel Operator

As a turn-key serviced apartment and hotel management solution, Totalstay manages every aspect of a property investment. From branding, marketing and reservations, all the way through to revenue management, logistics and maintenance.


Totalstay’s combination of hospitality excellence and world class service has resulted in outstanding occupancies and excellent returns in a competitive market.

12Cape is a strategic investor in Totalstay




The Prime Property Portfolio

TP3 (previously known as 12Cape) was created with a clear long-term strategic direction: To create an investment vehicle for investors to gain exposure to a highly attractive asset class and hospitality model that was previously inaccessible due to the quantum of investment required, while making a tangible difference in the local economy.




TP4, as the successor to 12Cape, is a forward-thinking company which invests in the high-end residential property market on the Atlantic Seaboard and other prime areas of Cape Town.


It capitalizes on major structural global trends such as increasing international travel, remote work, the rise of affluent individuals, increased demand for and the structural scarcity of prime properties, and the growth of aparthotels, and positions itself for the gap between the growing demand and limited supply in this sought-after area. By investing in and operating wholly owned and newly constructed, sectionalised apartment blocks at wholesale prices, TP4 captures substantial capital growth while also building robust yield generation capacity through a proven aparthotel operating model. Its predecessor has already shown its resilience to a weakening rand by its ability to generate hard currency income while keeping its cost base in rand.


The unique strategy positions TP4 to deliver a balance of income and growth returns, offering potential for equity-like returns with bond-like risk in the vibrant and undervalued but ever-growing prime real estate market that is called the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town.




The success of TP3 is a result of teamwork by a distributed network of high quality and passionate professionals with complementary skill sets since 2017.

Executive Board Members

Hugo Venter1.JPG

Hugo Venter


Chris Derksen


Martin Mbetse


Jana van der Merwe

Russel Smith.jpeg

Russel Smith

Non Executive Board Members


Francois van Zyl


Jaap du Toit


Dr. Albertus Marais

Lesego Majatladi

Hospitality and Travel Operations

Lesego Majatladi.JPG

Lesego Majatladi

MD Latitude Aparthotels


Rael Philips

CEO & Founder Totalstay

Justin Asher1.JPG

Justin Asher

Chief of Staff, Totalstay

Nils Flaatten.jpg

Nils Flaatten

Non executive Independent Chair, Totalstay

Advisors  |  Health and Wellness

Rich McMartin

Founder & CEO Torpedo Swimrun

Herman Schroeder

Founder The Fitness Hub

Carina Calitz

Founder, Calitz & Calitz Biokineticist

Advisors  |  International

JT Benade

Managing Director at 23consult

Luca Cipiccia

Global Equity Analyst

Advisors  |  Media, Podcasting & Venture Capital Validation

Host of the Latitude Media Podcast

Advisors  |  Social Media and Marketing

Mirandi Nel

Owner & Founder @duidelikdigital


Value and mission statements produced by investment or other finance firms are generally quite painful to read and should be experienced and lived rather than written. Here is the gist of how we work - Very important, quite unique and definitely not perfect (yet).

Long-term Thinking

True investment success lies in compounding over long periods. This does not happen without harmony between all stakeholders. We work on good terms with everyone involved - nature, community, employees, partners, and investors. Example: We didn't lay off any staff during COVID-19. We're active in local community development. Our team members are involved, and we work with local organisations. 

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