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A collection of links and articles featuring The Prime and several of our other property profiles that have gained significant media attention.

16 May 2022

Three best hotels in Cape Town for business travellers.

30 March 2021

Take your Sea Point stay to new heights at Cape Town’s chic Latitude Aparthotel.

14 October 2021

The Latitude Aparthotel’s smart accommodation offering – a hybrid hotel, with rooftop restaurant and generous views of the Atlantic Seaboard – feels like ‘home away from home.

8 February 2021

Global growth, locally.

8 September 2021

A bold leap from TV to Hospitality by Africa Travel Week Connect.

8 February 2021

Internasionale groeigeleenthede op eie bodem.

18 August 2021

Lesego Majatladi, the newly elected Chairperson of the Hotel segment on the Fedhasa Western Cape Board.

7 February 2021

12Cape AGM & Business Update held on 07/07/2020.

18 August 2021

The Suite Life: Latitude Aparthotel Review.

14 January 2021

Cape Town ranked one of the world’s best cities for remote working.

21 June 20221

Only 10 days left to benefit from your last ever 12J Tax Deductions: 12 reasons to invest with 12Cape before 30 June.

16 October 2020

Lesego Majatladi, appointed to the board of FEDHASA.

14 June 2021

Webinar with Alec Hogg: Cape Town, tourism and tax – a 12J opportunity with 12Cape.

28 February 2020

Praise for Budget Speech 2020.

8 June 2021

Section 12J: Questions you should be asking the fund manager.

13 February 2020

Property is still a sound investment in SA, provided you take the right approach.

2 June 2021

Invest in prime Atlantic Seaboard real estate, cut your tax. Hear about 12Cape, a 12J opportunity.

17 February 2020

Chris Derksen interviewed live on eNCA on “What Is The Actual State of The Western Cape’s Tourism Industry?”.

19 May 2021

12J Investment Opportunity: The 12Cape Fund.

23 January 202

A class of it’s own.

18 May 2021

How 12Cape combines immediate S12J tax benefits with long term compounding.

2 February 2020

Cape Town Tourism Property Market Set For Growth.

19 May 2021

A re introduction to 12J – the tax break that ends in June.

6 February 2020

Global growth, locally.

12 May 2021

Tax benefits of Section 12J (and 11 other reasons to invest in 12Cape).

12 January 2020

Tax breaks could spur economic growth in South Africa.

29 April 2021

A re introduction to 12J – the tax break that ends in June.

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